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Dream Caster vacations is an inbound / outbound tour operator based on Colombo Sri Lanka. We have 02+ years’ experience leading private tours. We can accompany you through your journey. We can arrange and lead private tour packages to meet every requirement; we can be a companion and your professional private guide and driver. Our guests could benefit from our in-depth knowledge even of the most interior parts of the Island besides those better-known tourist areas. We provide majestic and mystic experience of this beautiful Island which never stops amusing you.  We build this site for world outside this island, so that the world will taste the beauty of Sri Lanka.

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While you plan your holiday to our beautiful island, Our Team will serve as your guide to interesting places to see, to stay and to savour!! You still perplexed about where you stay and what you do? Our team will hold your hand and walk you through. Any queries please let us know and we will do our best to help you out! Enjoy your visit and we hope to see you in Sri Lanka! 

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